Stuffed Bell Peppers

I was going to share a recipe that is ancient to say the least, but time has caught up with me. As I strongly believe in eating seasonal food and taking full advantage of all nature provides I have decided to dedicate this post to peppers.

It is still nice and warm where I live, but the time has come to harvest my bell peppers. I can hear the cranes overhead as they migrate south, the sun no longer has the strength it had and the peppers are unlikely to ripen further. Although I have been

Stuffed bell peppers

Stuffed bell peppers

eating them all summer, I still have quite a few left. Today I thought I would start with the un-ripe green peppers.

The following recipe is for stuffed bell peppers. It is a basic recipe and I change it depending upon what I have available. For example I have lots of carrots at the moment too so I put some into the mix. I also put lots of basil in as peppers remind me of summer, as does basil. Again just put in whatever herbs you like.

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2 thoughts on “Stuffed Bell Peppers

  1. Hi, Lincoln,

    Your stuffed bell peppers are a very good idea how to eat products of the season and at the right time. For us , peppers are typical for the summer time, while there are different sorts of vegetables ( cauliflower for example ) in autumn.
    We know a very similar recipe how to stuff peppers. Most people prefer eating meat with the peppers. So they are stuffed mostly with a mixture of a lot of meat and a smaller portion of rice. It’s of course no problem to vary with a completely vegetarian idea….I do prefer rice and sometimes mushrooms very much combined with fresh herbs.

    have a good time !


  2. Hello Ursula,

    Many thanks for the comments. I really do appreciated the comments as I really would like to get some discussions going on here….. exchanging ideas, exchanging recipes and getting the gastric juices flowing.

    If it rains a little more we might have a good wild mushroom season, I will give you a shout if I need a good recipe.

    Bis später,


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