Palets Bretons

On the outskirts of the town is a supermarket we tend to visit. It has all manner of French produce and in particular duck in confit and cassoulet. I have always been fond of duck and in confit has to be one of the best ways of eating it. On this last trip we picked up a packet of biscuits of a type called “Palets Bretons”. We had never tried them before but that didn’t stop us, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. They were in fact delicious as they melted in the mouth. I decided that I had to have a go at making my own.

4 - Finished Palets

This is one recipe where I would recommend not substituting the butter for margarine or similar. I must admit to being undecided as to which is better for one’s health and when I am in doubt I tend to opt for the natural product. Unfortunately my trust in food processing companies is low and waning. Also, importantly, I think that in this case the butter improves both the texture and the flavour.

The finished palets have a sharp cut edge. The recipe below will explain how to do this………

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Tortilla de Patata

The post this week is dedicated to a savoury dish that is both simple and delicious. It is probably one of the most cooked dishes in Spain, available in just about every bar and made regularly in households across the country. There is no tortilla like the one made at home, and not recognising the unsurpassable virtues of a spouse’s efforts can be a suitable reason for divorce. In spite of the risk to life and limb, my father-in-law puts his old college’s tortilla as beyond compare. I had to find out more……..

Lecároz college 1

The College of Lecároz. Provided by Joaquín Trecet.


So a word or two on the tortilla de patata. The ingredients are potatoes, eggs and optionally onion. That is it, no more, no less. There are many recipes out there that include additional ingredients, some of them even written by famous non-Spanish chefs. Do not be misled, the authentic recipe is just these three ingredients.

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Another Christmas recipe this week. It wasn’t actually my intention but then a good friend, Ursula from Germany, sent me a recipe I felt I had to try.

3 - Ready to Serve

I like Germany very much, and in particular the cakes and biscuits. Germany really is cake heaven. They serve up great slabs of loveliness in a never ending variety. You can expect to see some German inspired cakes on this blog at some point in the future. For now you will have to settle for some excellent biscuits that are typical at this time of year.

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