El Día de la Vaca….. and a Lemon Tart

05 Lemon Tart - UncutAs we start to feel the tightening of winter’s grip here in the northern hemisphere I thought it would be a good time to think back to the heat of a September day here in Spain. A few moments of speculative thinking taking me back to warmer days and people sat out in the street enjoying the weather and the company of fellow residents.

00 People in street

On the “Día de la Vaca” they close off the main street and set up tables for a meal and get-together for the whole town. Traditionally, for the “Day of the Cow”, they would probably have sacrificed one to feed the whole town. Modern times have brought with them a more modern version. Here the meal tends to start off with an excellent consommé made by the locals in a large cauldron over an open fire. The main course tends to be contracted out and is often a beef stew. In spite of it being contracted out it is made in situ over and open fire. As with the consommé it is cooked over an open fire in a humongous pan, a pan big enough to serve upwards of 150 people!

So back to this lemon tart……. as I have already said I tend to make it round about now. As this is a good time of year to get fresh lemons I tend to make my own Limoncello round about now. This drink only uses the peel of the lemons. I found myself therefore with lots of unused lemon juice, and invented this recipe to use them up.

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