Arroz Cremoso de Trufa y Pato Confitado

(Creamy rice with confit duck and truffles)

In the last post I was taking a fanciful look back to a glorious summer, this post unfortunately returns us to the cold winter months. Although I much prefer the warmth of summer, winter is an opportunity to clean the allotment, prune the fruit trees and plan for the new year. It is also the best time to go truffle hunting!

A couple of years ago now I was fortunate to be invited to Teruel, one of the three provinces in the region of Aragón and famous for its truffles. Actually, perhaps I should say not famous for its truffles, as although one quarter of the world’s black truffles come from Spain, few people are aware of its importance in the international truffle market. The weekend was a complete immersion in truffles and based at a hotel called “La Trufa Negra” that can be found at

2013 12 18 Mora de Rubielos

Mora de Rubielos

The truffle hunting is done on the hotel’s own truffle farm, just a short drive up into the hills. We were shown how to hunt truffles using dogs by Alba, a guide from the hotel. We walked the fields whilst the dog sniffed for truffles. Alba then showed us how to dig the truffles up……

To read more about the weekend, to learn more about truffles and to see a recipe for Creamy Rice with Confit Duck and Truffles please click here.


3 thoughts on “Arroz Cremoso de Trufa y Pato Confitado

    • It is great fun to go hunting for truffles…… and then of course to eat them. The hotel is fantastic and with a nice spa to relax in it really is a great weekend. I’m on whenever you are!


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