Xamingoxo in the Baztán Valley

2014 11 05 Elizondo


I thought I might write about a recent trip to the Baztán valley. As a non-Spaniard I believe I can give an objective view of Spain, and Navarre has got to be one of the best regions in Spain to eat. Spain has some excellent dishes, and all regions are worthy of a gourmet visit, but Navarre for me comes out on top! An average meal in an average restaurant in Navarre would not look out of place in a more expensive restaurant elsewhere. If you like food….. go to Navarre.

In the area we visited, many of the words are or have a Basque origin. The Basque language is nothing like Spanish. Other languages and dialects spoken in Spain have Latin roots and are therefore relatively easy to pick up. Basque has a very different root and has few similarities to Spanish. The best way of understanding of just how different Basque is to Spanish is to think of the difference between Welsh and English.

The word “xamin goxo” actually means “sour – sweet” in Basque and comes from the mixture of lemon juice and condensed milk that the recipe contains.

8 Finished dish

This recipe is about as simple as it gets, to read the full post and to view the recipe please click here.


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