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Today’s post is all about shortbread..… but before I get into that just a few words on strawberries……..

On the top of my blog it says “Traditional Recipes for a Sustainable World”. As such you will probably have noticed that my recipes tend to be traditional and that I use few technological kitchen marvels. I felt I had to take it a step further this week and get on my soapbox. You see my ire was raised on my last couple of visits to the local fruit and vegetable market here is Spain! Yes, they were selling strawberries. They had replaced the red of Santa’s Suit by the red of the strawberry……

So shortbread….. what a delicious and delicate thing it is that if done properly will just melt in the mouth. I put a little semolina flour in the mix as I think it adds a little more crunch to the shortbread, but if you are without then just substitute for an equivalent amount of ordinary flour.

The recipe below uses a shortbread mould but I also explain how to do it without. It is far easier and quicker to make the shortbread without the mould and to be honest with you I only use one on special occasions.


For the full post and the recipe please click here.


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