The Baztán Valley in Navarre II

Today I am going to jump straight into the main recipe, one of my favourite Spanish puddings. As I have admitted in the past, I love custard. Some people think custard a little sweet, well this pudding balances that sweetness with unsweetened whipped cream. With a bit of caramelised sugar on top this one is a winner and not that difficult to make at all.

This pudding is called Goxua and the name comes from the Basque language…….

5 Complete 2

The finished pudding

As part of the trip we decided to stop in the town of Amaiur / Maya. The town is famed for being the last town to fall in the Spanish conquest of the Kingdom of Navarra and now gives its name to a Basque nationalist political party. More importantly it has a working flour mill that grinds organic corn that is made into the locally famous Talos.



The recipe that follows comes from the miller himself. He can also be seen preparing a stuffed talo in the following video…….


For the rest of the post and the Goxua and Talos recipes please click here.


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