Ginger Crunch

Mothers, as they say in Spanish “¡No hay más  que una!”. Yes, we have only the one, but I bet mine wished she could have cloned herself when she was trying to keep me in food. I am not sure one would have described me as a fussy eater, as my likes were simple…. meat and potatoes for the main course, something smothered in custard for the second! Any variety of potato was fine and the custard could be out of a tin, instant from a packet or indeed traditionally made from eggs and milk.

As Mark Twain wrote:

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

I can but hope! Anyway my Mother this week set my brain in motion on a couple of unrelated fronts…………..

……………….And the second thought my Mother induced into my sluggish brain? Well it was the recipe for this week’s post. We were bouncing recipe ideas around and she mentioned a Ginger Crunch. My neurones immediately began to fire and my fingers were dancing across the keyboard in search of the recipe. If truth be known I spend most of my time trying out new recipes rather than repeating tried and tested ones. I soon found the recipe though, one that my Mother had given me many moons ago. So without further ado here is my Mother’s recipe for Ginger Crunch…….

7 - Finished bars 2

The Finished Bars


For the full post and the recipe please click here.


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