Limoncello in Tel Aviv

LimoncelloA couple of years back I was fortunate enough to work briefly in Israel. I met some great people, both from within the international team I was a part of and also from the local working teams. I also visited some amazing places too. I could fill several pages on the wonderful places, but if I were to pick one it would have to be Jerusalem. What an amazing blend of races and cultures so steeped in history, truly amazing. Just wandering through the open markets with all the smells and colours of the myriad of different products, it was a culinary Aladdin’s cave. It really is a great shame that there is so much conflict currently in the Middle East and that many wonders of the ancient world are now all but inaccessible………….

As I have said, I had a great time in Israel, enjoying both the company of the team I went with and the company of the locals. It really is a great shame that peace currently seems so far away as the country has so much to offer. Many people may be surprised to learn that Israel is full of people that were born in other countries and that have migrated to Israel. This has led to a vary varied culture and cuisine. This week’s recipe is proof of that, with an explanation of how to make one of the most typical Italian spirits……

This one couldn’t be easier, so to read the rest of this week’s post and the traditional Italian Limoncello recipe please click here.


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