Cañas de Alagón


Cañas are a traditional dessert from Spain. There are many variations on the basic recipe, the one I wanted to share with you today was given to me in a town called Alagón that is near the city of Zaragoza in Northern Spain.

The recipe only has four ingredients, two of which are olive oil and wine. As I said, I will be explaining the basic recipe, and I would suggest you start there….but I would also encourage you to experiment with different oils and wines…… Perhaps given the season, a lighter flavoured oil, and a bit of grated orange rind in the mixture together with a little orange liqueur? The combinations really are only limited by one’s imagination!


The Canes

Anyway, back to the basic recipe. This really is a traditional recipe and a great talking point for your next dinner party. The dessert gets its name from the canes (cañas in Spanish) that are used to form and fry the dough. If you can get a good cane of around 2cm diameter, then just cut off pieces around 10cm long. Half a dozen pieces should be enough. A good wash and they are ready for use. Don’t throw them away after use, they can be re-used many times.

The alternative is to use some other fire resistant material. There are metal tube moulds on the market that would work perfectly well.

As for the wine, I chose a Sweet Muscatel wine from the local bodega. Living in a village  sometimes means a limited number of retail establishments. Here for example there is no computer shop, no clothes shops or indeed supermarket. This village makes up for this however with a humongous wine cooperative. It is by far the biggest building in the whole village.

2013 02 03 Cosuenda

The Bodega in Cosuenda

For the full article and the recipe please click here.


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