Sausage and Chard Quiche

Before I start just let me say that this quiche works perfectly well with spinach, I just make it with swiss chard because I always have plenty growing in the garden at this time of year. I cook chard in many ways, often opting for a simple recipe that just has the chard, some potatoes and onions. Today though I am going for a slightly more complex one, because this dish can be frozen.


The Cooked Quiche

As you have probably gathered by now I am pretty much guided by the seasons. Within the next couple of weeks I will be planting tomatoes, and they will be going right where the chard is currently. I therefore need to find ways of storing what is left of this year’s chard crop.

On some occasions I cook to freeze, but more often than not I just make more than I need and freeze the surplus. The following recipe makes a large quiche, you may want to cut the quantities down somewhat or, like me, freeze the surplus. Making an extra helping or two normally entails little extra preparation or cooking time and therefore little extra energy…………


For the recipe and the rest of the article please click here.




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