Revuelto de Morcilla y Ajos Tiernos

Or, for non Spanish speakers, scrambled eggs with black pudding and spring garlic. Just four basic ingredients and a simple dish, but something I really enjoy. As this dish only has four ingredients, and cheap ones at that, I recommend you look for some good quality local products. I have chosen products that are local to me, so let me run you through the ones that I have chosen:


The Finished Dish

Firstly let’s look at the ajos tiernos. These couldn’t be more local as they are from my own garden. I have mine ready to harvest and that was the main reason for me choosing today’s recipe. But just what are ajos tiernos?


Spring Garlic

Basically they are simply very young garlic plants before the garlic bulb or indeed the clove itself has started to form. I call them “spring garlic” simply because they remind me of spring onions and can be used in a similar way.

I have not been able to find any other translation anywhere. I have looked in many a dictionary, I have even tried the overrated Google Translator to no avail. A word of warning here to restaurant owners and language students….. don’t use Google Translator. To all Spanish chefs, I see that Google still has “kid” (baby goat) down as “niño” (child) and no, Anglo-Saxons do not eat roast children. I also promise all you students that a good language teacher can easily spot a poor Google translation!

To read the rest of the article and see the recipe please click here.


2 thoughts on “Revuelto de Morcilla y Ajos Tiernos

  1. Hi, Lincoln,black pudding is something very special indeed. Only a very experienced butcher will produce a good one. I think You can also combine it with sauerkraut which is the way how they offer it in Germany in autumn .
    I do like the idea to use spring garlic, it is always a very good scent and taste.


    • Hello Ursula, Thanks for the comments. There is a big difference between a poor and a good black pudding and as you say a good butcher can make all the difference!

      Best regards,


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