Bacalao al Ajoarriero

Today I will be talking about a local fish dish, which will make two fish dishes in a row. I hope you like fish! I eat more and more fish, but then again there is a great choice available here in Spain and it is relatively cheap. My mother has been here with us for the last couple of weeks and she always comments on just how cheap fish, fruit and vegetables are here compared to England.

I have to agree with her, but must admit to never really having understood why. Even taking any cost of living variances into account the cost difference is astounding. England  is after all a green island, with good land for growing crops and waters teeming with fish! Although I am not sure why some foodstuffs are so expensive, I can’t help thinking that one of the solutions is to buy locally………….


So back to the recipe. Traditionally this recipe uses salted cod, although you can use fresh too. Spain is not actually an island although it is a peninsula and as such it is only connected to the rest of Europe via the Pyrenees. It is therefore almost surrounded by seas and the people here eat lots of fish. Spain is a hot country though, particularly in summer, and the towns of the interior can be many hundreds of miles from the nearest sea. It was not uncommon therefore for the fish to be dried and salted, to better preserve it, before being sent via ungulate transport to the interior. As this is a traditional recipe I will be using the traditional salted fish……………….

For the rest of the article and the recipe please click here


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