£250 Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am not keen on the use of superlatives. For one they are generally overused, and secondly where does one go from there? Once I have used the superlative, say “best ever” cake, I would be stuck if I ever found a better one! In spite of the possible aforementioned predicament and after cooking biscuits for many years, I have to break my own rules and label these as “best ever”! I guess I could always use Newspeak, what with “goodest” then “plusgoodest” or “doubleplusgoodest”, triple, quadruple……

Before I get into the story, an apology and a thank you to my Mother. She sent me this recipe back in October 2010, so sorry for taking so long to try it out and thanks for sending me such a fantastic recipe in the first place…………………..

To read the rest of the article and see the recipe please click here.


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