Soused Coney (or Chicken)

We have had good weather here this last week and that has turned my thoughts to lighter meals that require a minimum of cooking or meals that can be eaten cool or cold. Today I am going to be talking about sousing, as it requires very little work to prepare and is at its best when eaten cool.

I find sousing can really balance up drier meats such as coney, chicken or even quail or tuna. It can be eaten with soused vegetables as a main course or can be used to liven up salads. Just a sprinkling of a bit of soused quail, chicken, coney or tuna can add a little protein to a salad and the oil and vinegar liquid works as the dressing.


So just what is sousing?……………..

This is “slow cooking” at its best. Just relax and let it simmer slowly for a couple of hours until the flavours have infused and the meat is just coming off the bones. I am lucky enough to have a wood fired stove. There is nothing better than reading, or listening to music with a good glass of wine by my side………

To read the rest of the article and to veiw the recipie please click here.


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