Ana’s Pasta Salad

04 Finished pasta

Ana’s Pasta

Today’s dish is a savoury one that is perfect for hot summer days. It is one of our simpler salads and therefore very easy to make……I have many recipes I would like to share with you, so how do I chose which ones to write about? The answer is quite simple, you get what I eat! I had some friends round and we had this salad. We also had one of my favourite puddings, but you are all going to have to wait a little for that one……..

As I was saying, I had some friends round. They are also ex-work colleagues. We all worked together in the same company. We now all sit together with a glass or two of wine talking about the “good old times”, the times before the world went so haywire and the company we worked for felt they no longer required our services……..…


I was fortunate(?) to learn the way of the world early on. I studied mechanical and production engineering at what is now the University of Central Lancashire. Once a week we had an hour or so when a lecturer came in and tried to make us think! He was both a brave and persistent man. Anyway, one day he asked a series of questions…… What does Sony make? What does Ford make? What does British Aerospace make? etc. We of course replied with answers such as Walkmans, cars or planes. He said we were all wrong and that these companies, like all companies, actually were there to make money!

For the rest of this weeks diatribe and the recipe, please click here.


3 thoughts on “Ana’s Pasta Salad

  1. Lincoln,i love not only your recipes but the way you talk about your daily life. And the way you share all this with us. Thank you!


  2. Hello Teresa,

    THANKS for entering a comment, that way at least I know that somebody is reading what I write!! I am also really pleased that you find it enjoyable, it means a lot to me. I write what is on my mind or in my heart….. I never know if it will be well received or not.

    Thanks again Teresa. When this period of exams is over perhaps we can get together in Zaragoza and I can sign a few autographs for you?


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