Dried Tomatoes

It has been an interesting last few weeks, with a number of you writing in to say how much you enjoy the blog, THANKS…… it is always great to get some positive feedback. One of you wrote in to let me know I had an error in one of my recipes, again thanks. Apart from the fact that I like my recipes to be correct, again it shows that people are reading what I write. I also had someone contact me asking for a specific recipe…. so how could I refuse! This week’s recipe therefore is about how to dry tomatoes.


The Finished Tomatoes

Here in Spain drying tomatoes at home was quite common. It was just one way of conserving the abundance of summer for the leaner times of winter. Typically ripe tomatoes were cut in half and left out on canes to dry under the hot Spanish sun. It might take two to three weeks, but the sun’s heat is free of charge and nobody was in a rush.

Unfortunately this, and many other traditional practices, have almost ceased. Nowadays people are in a rush and it is much easier and quicker to buy a jar of dried tomatoes in the local supermarket.

To read the rest of the article and to see the recipe please click here.


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