Sopetas and other Spanish alcoholic beverages!

07 Dish in the garden 2

Sopetas in the Garden

Officially summer has arrived, and here at least the weather is finally hot and sunny. It has been a long, wet and cool spring, but hopefully that is now in the past. For me Spain is a great country all year round, but come in summer to enjoy it at its best. The people are more relaxed, the open air restaurants and terraces are alive with people enjoying themselves….. life is good.

Most Spaniards drink, I would also suggest most Spaniards drink in moderation. Most Spaniards do not go out to get drunk, and if they return home a little the worse for wear is more a side effect of being out for a long period of time. They eat something whilst drinking and often drink less actual alcohol as they dilute the wine they drink. Some of these drinks are well known, like Sangría, other are far less so….. so let’s have a look at some wine drinks for those long summer evenings:


Tinto de Verano…..



Last, but certainly not least….. sopetas.

I first had sopetas more than twenty-five years ago on one of my first trips to Spain. I was invited to spend a few days in the Pyrenees with my then future parents-in-law. I was in the Tena valley, in a town called Sallent. A really beautiful place which I will no doubt talk about in more detail another day. At this point I just wanted to mention one unforgettable evening I spent with my future brothers-in-law, their friends and of course my future wife in a town just down the road from Sallent.


Sallent de Gallego

To read the rest of the article, and to see the recipes, please click here.


4 thoughts on “Sopetas and other Spanish alcoholic beverages!

  1. I remember very well that evening and how we all tried to get Lincoln drunk, unsuccessfully… My car (the Peugeot 404 he mentions) got some minor scars too as a consequence of the sopetas…


  2. Thanks for the comments José, and for owning up to trying too get me drunk! Seriously it was a great evening, thanks to your choice of location and the great people there. Fond memories indeed!


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