Fritada “Aires de Aragón”


We were fortunate enough to be able to build our own house. Well, to be precise, although I installed many of the fixtures and fittings, it was down to the builder to actually build the house! Prior to that of course we contracted the services of a very good architect.

If I have one recommendation for those of you building your own house, it is to listen to your architect. I am an engineer and as such I was more than able to draw just what we wanted for our new house. I was once told that “diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way”……. Our architect managed to disregard all my drawings without me even realising it (and a good job he did too!). The result is a house that fulfils all we asked for, yet is more functional than we could ever have imagined, whilst still fitting harmoniously in with the neighbouring buildings. He really did a fantastic job.  The final house was nothing like we envisaged….. thank goodness!


So why publish the recipe now? As usual the seasons dictate my recipe choices. This one has five main ingredients, courgettes, green peppers, onion, garlic and potatoes. With the exception of the potatoes, not only do I grow all the other vegetable but now is the time when I am harvesting them.

Although today’s recipe can be eaten as a vegetarian dish, the restaurant and we both sprinkle a little soused tuna on top. We find the sharpness of the vinegar from the sousing of the tuna livens the dish up.

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2016 Lincoln W. Betteridge


8 thoughts on “Fritada “Aires de Aragón”

  1. while working in our house I remember a lot of the meals when we sat there hungry and tired in the evening. Mostly we chose something ‘fast in production’ which often was not so delicious, like beer and bread and ham. Your recipe with the Aires would have been my choice , no doubt.


    • Hello Ursula, I suspect I too would have eaten beer, bread and ham if I had had to make it myself, luckily for us we got our food in a restaurant that did all the hard work for us!


  2. As at home we love Fritada, I cook it almost once every week, but I usually add one aubergine too. It is delicious, belive me¡


    • Hola Pilar.

      Yo suele hacerlo en una olla también, pero tengo leña y estoy haciendo cantidades industriales para no tirar nada de la huerta.

      Gracias por el comentario.


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