Grandma’s Sponge Parkin

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My Grandmother was a witch…… and, for all you naysayers, I can easily dispel any doubts you might have as to the veracity of my statement!

When I was an infant, she used to take me into the woods of Betws y Coed in North Wales. For those of you not familiar with Welsh let me say that it is nothing like English. Secondly you don’t have to “buy a vowel”, the “w” in Welsh is a vowel that sounds like the “oo” in “too”.


The Woods of Betws y Coed

On one occasion she had me catching leaves, having told me that if I caught a leaf as it fell I could make a wish. As look would have it, I caught a leaf relatively quickly and wished for what all young lads want, to see a snake!

Well we tramped up and down the woods looking for a snake……….

And so from parking, to parkin and this week’s recipe, my Grandmother’s Sponge Parkin. Before you purists out there start to write in, I am aware that this is not a typical parkin cake. For me though it does have one very important advantage over the typical version, it has no treacle in it! Treacle is essential to a typical parkin cake and something I have not been able to source here in Spain…….

To read the rest of the article and to see the recipe, please click here.


2 thoughts on “Grandma’s Sponge Parkin

  1. this style of cake is a good suggestion for throughout the year, I think, You can easily ‘adapt’ the ingredients it to special seasons or purposes by using spices, nuts or chocolate…very nice !


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