Tomato (Pasta) Sauce

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This week is all about using up summer vegetables. Whether you grow your own, or have to buy, now is the time to take advantage of the fresh and cheaper summer vegetables. I love this recipe as the sauce is delicious, and it can be bottled for use all year round. The recipe is something I have pulled together from a local tomato sauce recipe made here in the village. I will explain how to make the sauce and how to bottle and sterilise it for long term storage. The method is simple and works, none of my jars have ever gone off, even though I store them for many, many months.

Initially I made the local tomato sauce according to the local recipe. The first year a couple of our neighbours came round and showed us how to make it and indeed helped us with the recipe itself. The recipe is relatively simple, but as they make humongous quantities it does take quite a bit of effort…… in one day they make enough tomato sauce for the whole year!

Nevertheless I made it their way for a couple of years, buying an enormous pan and a special gas burner for the job. I would set up in the garden to cook enough for around 100 jars of tomato sauce. Eventually though I decided I wanted something that was less effort and used up more of the other vegetables I have readily available at this time of year. Their “Tomato Sauce” morphed into my “Tomato Pasta Sauce”.

To read the rest of the article and to see the recipe please click here.


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