Pan Tomaca (Pa amb tomaquet)


This week’s recipe is so easy I am almost embarrassed to publish it! Nevertheless I decided to go ahead and talk about Pan Tomaca as it tastes delicious. There is also no cooking involved so it is really easy to prepare and therefore just about perfect for these hot summer months.

Of course Spain is all about warmth, the warmth of the people and the warmth of a summer’s evening. One can see people out, just sitting and relaxing busy schedules permitting or not! Spaniards tend to take advantage of the cooler temperatures in the later evening, but that of course can mean late meals and late nights. It is true that many Spaniards often go to bed late, but they go to bed relaxed with their internal springs unwound. This unfortunately is more than can be said for many other poor souls across the industrialised world.

It would now seem that “specialists” have determined that Spaniards eat too late and go to bed too late………….

To read the rest of the article and to view the recipe please click here.


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