Empanada Gallega


The empanada Gallega is a stuffed savoury pastry that is about as common in Spain as a pork pie in England. Although from the region of Galicia, they can be found everywhere and come in a variety of shapes, flavours and of course qualities. I have always liked them, the good ones that is, and this week I have a recipe that makes one of the very best!

Over the summer my wife and I went on a trip to Galicia. I had never been to that part of Spain and I guess, one way or another, you could say that we had been thinking of visiting the area for more than 25 years…………..

Galicia is one of the greenest parts of Spain, for obvious reasons…. i.e. it rains quite a bit there and the temperatures are generally lower than in much of the rest of Spain. We were lucky in that we had excellent weather and could enjoy all that lush greenery under clear blue skies. We were also treated exceptionally well by Ana and her husband as they took us to some beautiful places and some excellent restaurants, both in the city of La Coruña and also in the countryside around the city. Thanks again to both of you.

2016 07 25 Allariz - River Arnoia - Roman Bridge

So back to the empanada, the recipe for which comes from my wife’s Aunt who lives in La Coruña. We spent an excellent afternoon with them, seeing the sites of the city and partaking of good local food in the local bars. They also gave us empanada in their home, so I cheekily asked for the recipe which I now propose to share with you all! ………

To see the rest of the article and the recipe please click here.


4 thoughts on “Empanada Gallega

  1. Hi, Lincoln, many greetings from Tenerife, i have seen a restaurant here with such local menues. We will try your recipe once we are back again. Have a good time bye Ursula


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