Tocino de Cielo


This week is about the Spanish pudding “Tocino de Cielo”, or translated into English a “Pig from Heaven”. Perhaps if you were to make a pig of yourself with this Spanish pudding you would end up in heaven? Talking of pigs, does anyone know what an “enviropig” is? Well I didn’t, at least until recently.

English, as most languages, is growing in size. I honestly think there is a secret society out there made up of English teachers, translators and writers whose sole purpose is to invent new words and thereby keep themselves in employment. I can just see them now, swearing a secret oath of allegiance on their holy tome, The Oxford English Dictionary (OED)!


So, as you can see from the photographs, this recipe produces a classy looking pudding with a beautiful glossy shine to the caramel……. and all it takes is sugar and eggs! The tocino was supposedly invented in the 14th Century in Jerez de la Frontera. There it was common to use the egg whites to clarify the wines. As they were loath to throw the yolks away, they invented this pudding to use them up.

To see the rest of the article and to veiw the recipe please click here.


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