The Octopus and the Flying Pear Tart


Before I talk more about Letux and the day we spent there, I wanted to mention a town called Belchite, through which we had to pass to get to our destination. Seeing the ruins of Belchite so soon after the recent bombings in Aleppo left me wondering if, as a species, we ever truly learn from the mistakes of the past? Belchite you see was also the battleground of a civil war.

The war in question was the Spanish Civil War whose combatants met at the town of Belchite between August and September 1937. Basically the town was devastated and was left as a memorial of the war. They actually built a new town, from scratch, alongside the old…………


……… So let’s get back to Letux and the afternoon we spent there. The two sisters, Pilar and Luisa, put on a delicious and varied spread. They had arranged for us to eat outside, in a beautiful spot on the edge of the garden and shaded by flowering bignonia vines. The table exquisitely set with fine crystal and classical porcelain.

To read the rest of the article and the recipe please click here.


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