Hasenkeule in Rahmsauce (Hare in Cream Sauce)


I am a would be Electrical Engineer who studied Mechanical and Production Engineering at what is now the University of Central Lancashire. I ended up working as a Production Engineer in a couple of aircraft companies before moving on to the production of telephones for a large telephone and telephone exchange manufacturer. At this point I then decided upon a change and became a computer programmer.

I joined the now extinct IT company, Electronic Data Systems (EDS), on one of their graduate programmes. One of the biggest problems in the IT industry in particular and in the bespoke manufacturing industry in general, is actually understanding then building what the client really wants. For that of course you have to really understand just what the client is asking for….. you have to understand him and his business.

EDS had the ludicrous idea of not hiring IT specialists, but rather graduates in other fields who would be better able to understand the client requirements. What a silly idea right? They hired doctors, finance graduates, chemists, biologists and even mechanical and production engineers.


All in all I have travelled much in Germany due to work. I have been in the more industrial areas like Bochum or Dusseldorf. I have been to the historical and picturesque town of Heidelberg. I have even been to Berlin, before the wall fell and I crossed through the famous Checkpoint Charlie………..

To see the rest of the article and the recipe please click here.


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