Chocolate Spread Biscuit Plait


We are now well into autumn with winter just round the corner. To be honest with you, I used to hate autumn and winter. I am an outdoor sort of guy and used to hate winter as the cold and wetter weather tended to hinder any outdoor activities. I used to hate autumn as it was the herald of winter!

As I now tend a fairly large allotment, orchard and gardens I find I no longer hate winter. With all the pruning and clearing I have to do to make ready for the next year I tend to find that I actually run out of time. Spring arrives before I am ready to welcome it! As for autumn, I have started to enjoy the wild autumn harvest. I am currently collecting edible chestnuts and the mushroom season should be starting relatively soon.

What I haven’t managed to accept is the changing of the clocks in autumn, and I know I am not the only one who prefers to enjoy a little more light in the evenings after a day of toil. The Balearic Islands here in Spain were strongly against moving the clocks back, but eventually were forced to do so by the Spanish government. I understand there were also similar sentiments on the Mediterranean coast.

Of course we are told that moving the clocks back and forwards in autumn and spring saves money. I have often wondered if this is in fact the case. The first country to adopt the practice was Germany during the first World War. Things have changed in a hundred years, and in a world that never sleeps are there really any savings?

Well…… I have just read a study by the Spanish IDAE which is the the Institute for Diversification and Saving (Ahorro in Spanish) of Energy. They state that Spanish households save 90 Million Euros due to the changing of the clocks………….

………..So, what about the recipe for this week…… well there are quite a few recipes out there for a rolled then plaited stuffed bread. In the region where I live there is also a traditional sweet plaited pastry. These plaits might be all the rage at the moment, but they are not necessarily something new.

Looking for something that little bit different, what I have for you today is a plait made from biscuit dough. The dough in question is quick and easy to make and requires no resting. This plait can in fact be made and baked quickly and easily……

To read the rest of the article and to see the recipe please click here.


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