Black Pudding & Bacon Toasted Sandwich


In previous articles you will have seen me make reference to my Collins Contemporary Dictionary from 1959. I use it not only as a reference work, but also a baseline against which I measure the changes to the English language. One of the areas that I look at each year are the new words that officially enter the English language and therefore are included in the new versions of their dictionaries.

This year there are a couple of obvious ones. I guess the addition of the word “brexit” comes as no surprise to anyone, nor indeed the word “trumpism”! Unfortunately the word processor I use marks both words in red, as words that are not in its dictionary.  Obviously the changes have not percolated down to my computer yet! Perhaps I can catch you out with the word “jomo” which means the joy of missing out? Or how about the “snowflake generation” which is defined as “the young adults of the 2010’s, viewed as being less resilient than previous generations”? The word, or indeed words I wanted to focus in on today though are “dude food”………

………. So, not only do these sandwiches have tasty black pudding, they also filled with streaky bacon and cheddar cheese…… a real feast of forbidden fatty fruits! Perhaps not something you ought to be eating every day, but it is good to let one’s hair down from time to time and get one’s teeth into a flavoursome savoury treat…….

To read the rest of the article and to see the recipe please click here.


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