Manchester Tart


In October I was back in the North of England seeing family and friends. I normally fly into Manchester airport then for logistical reasons take a taxi to my final destination. On this occasion I had time to spare and decided to take the longer, slower route, by rail.

The train went from Manchester airport then into the city itself passing via Piccadilly Station then on through Deansgate before leaving the city and moving towards my destination via Wigan and Preston. There tend to be few residential buildings close to noisy railways for obvious reasons, and I found myself instead watching the large Victorian industrial buildings go by as I looked out of the windows of the train.


Piccadilly is the principal railway station in Manchester. It was inaugurated in 1842.

Some houses are of course built near to the railway lines, my father for example was brought up in just such a house. Not only was it close to the railway, but the railway sidings themselves in the town of Colne…….

……… Being in and around Manchester, however briefly, reminded me of the Manchester Tart. Not only was it a staple pudding from the school dinners of my youth, but it is also a pudding that my Spanish father-in-law often talks about. Many moons ago, my father and mother-in-law went on a trip to England and were fortunate enough to sample this simple but delicious pudding.

For the full article and to read the recipe please click here.


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