Liebre con Alubias (Beans with Wild Hare)


I heard a new term this last week, “Nature Deficit Disorder” (NDD). Although not a recognised medical condition at the moment, I guess it is only a matter of time before it becomes one. Yet another medical condition or label we can assign to our children. It is almost as if we need new terminology to legitimise our / their poor habits or behaviours. NDD is all about children losing contact with nature, they are not experiencing it, they are not even seeing it first hand. The nearest many of them get to nature is looking at images on a computer screen.

Not so long ago the majority of children spent most of their free time playing out in the streets, parks and countryside. In fact the biggest challenge for parents was rounding up their wanderlust imbued offspring of a night…….

……..  I have always been an outdoor person and, luckily, I have always been pretty observant too. There is nothing I like more than to wander through the wilds, quietly, often on my own, absorbing the sights and sounds of nature. In the area where I live there are many wild animals and exotic plants and flowers for those with the eyes to see……

……… What for me has been the sight of the year though is a genet, a beautiful and illusive creature I have managed to see a couple of times at dusk……


Genet (Archive Photograph)

……… This week therefore I wanted to talk about hare, and the typical dish from the village here. The neighbour, Javier, is a hunter and some time ago he gave us our first wild hare. His wife explained a local recipe to us, that we have repeated on numerous occasions over the years. It is as simple as it gets, just four ingredients. The results are delicious and perfect for these cooler and wetter autumnal and winter days.

For the full article and the recipe please click here.


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