Coca en Llanda (Valencian Walnut Cake)


Zaragoza is at the centre of a motorway hub with major roads heading south towards Madrid, north-west towards Bilbao and the Cantabrian Coast, east towards Barcelona and the Costa Brava and south-east towards Valencia and on to Alicante. In spite of this, most people from Zaragoza tend to travel to the Pyrenees or to Salou depending upon whether they want mountains or beaches for their holiday break. The same is true for many of the villages around the city.

Although we live in a village relatively close to Zaragoza, living as we do to the south-east, we and most of the people from this area tend to take the nearby motorway towards Valencia and Alicante. We like the food to be found between Valencia and Alicante, especially the paellas and, with the exception of few over-exploited beaches, we find many of the towns are small and still retaining much of their original charm. One such town is Oliva.

2016 09 12 Sant Roc Church Oliva

We ended up there on a whim, spending a most enjoyable weekend at a rural hotel called “El Sequer”…………

The hotel itself is a jewel, tucked away amongst palm trees and orange groves. The hotel and rooms are beautifully decorated with antique furniture and fittings. There are comfortable rooms to relax in within the hotel, but better still are the outdoor seating areas within the gardens or beside the pool.


Breakfast was served in the gardens of the hotel, with a view across the gardens, pool and orange groves. It was here, amongst a selection of other local delicacies that I first tried the Coca en Llanda. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and told them so. The following day I was welcomed to the breakfast table with a new, freshly made one……..

…….. The Coca en Llanda is typical from Valencia. Coca is the local word for cake whilst Llanda is the metal tray in which this cake is baked. The Coca is normally rectangular in shape and should be around a couple of inches, five centimetres tall.

To read the complete article and to see the recipe please click here.


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