Coney Rice


Do you remember the “good old days” when you could call a company and get a real, living breathing person on the other end? In the dim and distant past when the oxymoron, “intelligent systems”, was just a few sparking neurones in some computer programmers head? Today I thought I would share with you a tale of man against machine which left me wondering just what the world was coming to.

A few days back I had to call a utility company to increase our contracted service and therefore increase the monthly charge we paid. The call was of course answered by a machine with a list of menu options and the associated keys I ought to press to have my call attended to correctly. Of course something always goes wrong and after about half a dozen calls I was no nearer having my monthly charge increased. I spoke to lots of polite agents, all willing to help. Unfortunately of course, as I had gone through to the wrong departments, the agents were unable to help and, of course, they were unable to transfer the call to the right department………

………….. So why a diatribe on intelligent systems? Well I received a request to facilitate the translation of my articles on the blog-site.  For those of you who need it, you will now see a button down on the left underneath my photograph……

…………today’s recipe, as it is a dish made with wild rabbits. You can of course use shop-bought rabbit or indeed other meats, for example chicken. It is a simple but delicious dish which I hope you will enjoy. 

For the full article and the recipe, please click here.


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