A Year in Review

2016 03 11 Cosuenda

Cosuenda, Zaragoza, Spain

As we approach the end of another year, my first full year writing on this blog, I thought I would have a reflective look back on 2016….. the highs and the lows. As an engineer I of course decided to base my review on the blog statistics. I know….. lies, blatant lies and statistics, but I had to start somewhere right?

Before I go any further, just let me say that the tools I use give me no personal information at all. I can see no names nor addresses. What I can see is a whole stack of information so that I can “improve” my blog. I can see which articles have proved most interesting to you all. I can see when most people connect in, i.e. what is the best day and time of day to send out new articles. For good or bad I tend ignore all these statistics. Sorry, but I write what I want, when I want. I write what I enjoy writing, no more no less.

Nevertheless, I thought I might be able to glean a gem or two from 2016. So, what do the statistics say, who are the winners and losers…….?

To see the rest of the article and some suggest links please click here.


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