Ossobuco Chilli

20 Finished dish

This is my quick and easy chilli recipe and, as it is cooked in the oven, you can more or less leave it and forget it! I will be making the recipe more or less from scratch, but  using jars and tins instead will give you a great tasting chilli with almost no preparation time. As long as you buy good ingredients there should be no problems.

Contrary to many recipes that use minced meat, I use a veal leg chop, or ossobuco, for this recipe. The name of ossobuco comes from the Italian word bone and hole. The reason is clear as this cut of meat has a cross-section of the leg bone right in the middle. I prefer this cut because it is cheap, full of flavour and because you know what you are getting…….

01 The raw meat

For the more than 25 years I worked in a large multinational, work that involved frequent trips abroad. I visited more than 20 countries and scores of hotels and restaurants. I have had food from across the globe, eaten in small traditional local restaurants or larger ones with menu choices dedicated to the tourist and business travellers. I have had some very good meals and, perhaps luckily, not so many bad ones. More interestingly perhaps is that I have sat down to eat with an almost infinite number of work colleagues and clients.

As I write this article today my mind wanders back to a conversation I had during a meal, many, many years ago with a young lady from the team. The lady in question is still in the company and has gone on to great things, I wonder if she still remembers the conversation? 

Basically the lady was averse to eating anything where she couldn’t see where the meat of fish came from. Basically she wanted to see a piece of meat or fish and was less inclined to eat things like meatballs or hamburgers where the meat has been minced up until it is no longer recognisable. Looking back now her comments were almost prophetic and I would suggest that time has proven her right.

Relatively recently in the UK there was the scandal of the use of horse meat in ready made meals that were labeled as made of beef………..

…………… To read the rest of the article and to view the recipe, please click here.

2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge


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