Palometa en salsa / Atlantic Pomfret in Sauce

20 Palometa en Salsa

So why Atlantic Pomfret when there are so many other better-known fish to choose from? In spite of what you might think, it was not my intent to baffle you all with a relatively unknown fish. I chose the fish in question for a couple of reasons…….

Firstly, because I had never tried it before. That alone is reason enough for me to buy it, as I am not particularly interested in playing it safe where food is concerned. Secondly, it was recommended by the Greenpeace website I often frequent, which portrays the fish that are in season and therefore environmentally better to eat. Thirdly, it had been caught by relatively traditional means in the sea. I am very much against fish farms and avoid consuming their fish whenever I can. Although we have done much to better the conditions of the land animals we eat, giving them better more natural living conditions, I am not convinced we have advanced much in the world of pisciculture.

I am not a vegetarian, I eat just about anything that falls on my plate, I do however try and eat sensibly and as ecologically as I can.  I look for animals that have been reared naturally or caught in the wild and I also try to eat local produce. I grow my own fruit and vegetables as naturally as I can. I believe it is the healthier option, it is also often the cheaper option.

The hunting season here started last weekend. The neighbour passes me his excess, so my freezer now has a couple more rabbits and a hare than it did. He started giving me his game some time ago, and he always gave it to me skinned and ready to cook. One day he forgot, the rabbits arrived whole, hide and all!

Many, many moons ago back in Lancashire I used to go hunting with local farmer friends. Recalling how they skinned their rabbits I decided to give it a go……..


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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge



Tarta Tres Chocolates / Three Chocolates Tart

23 Tarta tres chocolates - Cut

The recipe today is a simple yet spectacular pudding. It has an absolutely perfect cake shop like finish with glossy smooth lines and a mirror-like surface…… and you won’t believe how easy it is to make. It is a chocoholic’s dream given form!

It was given to me by a young lady from here in the village. She is a bright, respectful girl, full of vitality and plans for the future, an example of what is best in the youth of today. Unfortunately I suspect that she is in the minority.

The youth of today, at least where I live, show a singular lack of respect for others and the property of others. I see them here, taking anything that’s not tied down, damaging whatever falls in their path, be it the work of man or of nature. Not only are they oblivious to reprimand, they take it with an insolent stance that borders on outright defiance.

In the village here the mayor has done much to improve the town, with some new installations and improvements to the existing ones. Returning home yesterday I saw further evidence of vandalism and the first daubs of graffiti on walls. This is a small village with perhaps a dozen children and adolescents, yet even here there is a growing disregard for the property of others….. and unfortunately it is more than just one or two of them. From where I sit and write this I can see much of the village and the majority of the youth at play……..

01 Alfalfa

Graffiti is a scourge that is difficult to eradicate, any would-be poet can cheaply buy a tin of spray-paint and scrawl his thoughts across some publicly or privately owned space. What is it that makes them think that they have the right to paint on the buildings of others? Then of course there are those that consider it art!! Most of what one sees goes little further than to profess the love, or hatred for some person or cause. If one is very lucky, at least the message will be grammatically correct and have few spelling errors……. 

02 Panaderia

Having said all the above, one of the nearer villages opened its doors, or should I say walls, to graffiti artists…… and the emphasis here is on the last word, artists. They have turned the village of Alfamén into an open air art gallery…………

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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Lincoln’s Lancashire Hotpot

28 Lincoln's Lancashire hotpot

I have called this week’s recipe “Lincoln’s Lancashire Hotpot” because two Lincolns are involved in the story of this recipe…… but before I talk about the Lincolns, let me talk about a Trevor…….

This recipe was actually requested by Trevor, a friend from my dim and distant youth. A friend with whom I have had little contact until relatively recently when, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we have managed to share the odd conversation. He lived about half a mile from me, at the bottom of the hill, and we used to “knock around” quite a bit in our early teens. I also enjoyed being in his mother’s kitchen, enveloped in all those wonderful aromas whilst watching her bake.

As a couple of tykes we got into all sorts of scrapes! I recall on one occasion I went on a camping trip with him and his parents. I remember being surrounded by families and caravans as we discussed the inner workings of a toy rocket, that was absorbing all our attention, with a single-mindedness that only the young can display.

99 Winewall

I lived at the top of the hill (Archive Photograph)

I remember the toy consisted of the rocket, a base structure and a pumping mechanism. We had to pump air into the rocket and then let it go, the compressed air giving it the power to fly high into the sky. The instruction booklet made it quite clear just what the maximum amount of pumping was.

I mean come on games manufacturers, how can you think that a couple of young rascals aren’t going to give it an extra pump or two, or ten? Using true scientific method, we started to steadily increase the pressure to see just how high we could make it fly……….


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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge