Chicken Korma

23 Chicken Korma

There are a couple of food bloggers I follow fairly regularly and others whose blogs I visit when I see something interesting. From time to time I see an article or an advertisement that entices me to view their site. Some turn out to be good, whilst some of course are poor. Recently I saw a Spanish blogger posting a recipe for a chicken curry. I couldn’t really make out what was being shown in the photograph of the dish as it was just a thumbnail. Intrigued I decided to visit the blogger’s website.

The picture turned out to be an insipid slice of chicken breast on a bed of a yellow sauce that looked far from appetising. To be brutally honest it looked like someone’s stomach contents that had decided to revisit the world of the living! Talking to people here in Spain my impression is that people really didn’t know much about preparing Indian food at home. I decided therefore to aright the wrong and publish one of my Indian dishes that is both tasty and very easy to make.

My first taste of Indian food was far from a pleasant experience. Back home, in the North of England, “real” men used to go out of a night, down multiple pints of beer in imitation of a drought-stricken camel, then hit the local Indian for their spiciest Vindaloo. I am sure the Indian restaurants threw caution and their cookbooks to the wind, forsaking flavour and balance and concentrating just on making it as hot as possible. They were probably laughing all the way to the cash register………

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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge


La Crème Pignoulet / Crème brûlée

22 Le Crême Pignoulet : Crème brûlée

The French have done it again, they have left me speechless and not for the first time. I am talking food of course, and their attitude to it! I was in France over the summer and I had one of the simplest, yet sublimely made puddings in years.

So what is it with the French and food? I put it down to the love and care they invariably lavish on the cooking of their food. Don’t get me wrong, once can find excellent restaurants across the globe. Here in Spain for example there are some of the best restaurants in the world. France also has some really excellent world-class restaurants, but it is the quality of your average village restaurant that is worthy of note.  They will often serve an exquisitely prepared meal for a relative pittance. The pudding I ate, the object of this article, was served to me as part of the restaurant’s 12€ daily three-course menu.

I had gone over the Pyrenees and was eating in one of my favourite restaurants in the town of Laruns. Both the town and the restaurant have been the object of previous articles, but I can never resist just popping over the border, filling up the car with local edible French goodies, then topping up my own tank with a good meal in the restaurant there.

The restaurant is called “L’Arrégalet” and is on a side-street not that far from the central square:

01 The restaurant

They call their pudding “La Crème Pignoulet”.

02 Their Crême

I don’t often ask the restaurants I visit for any details of the food they serve, they are after all running a business, creating and serving their dishes to make money. It does not therefore seem appropriate for me to “steal” any of their secrets, and publish them on the Internet for all to see.

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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge


Cod Fishballs

18 Fishballs on a plate

The recipe this week is a local one, from a lady in the town of La Almunia de Doña Godina who was born in 1917. An old and traditional recipe therefore, just what I like! Some though might think it strange, that in this land-locked region where I live, fish plays such a big part in the traditional recipes? Spain is large, so main cities and regions are at some distance from the sea. It should be noted though that Spain is also a peninsula, and that it is bathed by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.

Towards the south of this region, the Mediterranean sea lies ever closer. There is in fact only a relatively thin strip of land, part of Catalonia in fact,  separating us from the sea. It is sad to think that the way things are going, although it is close, we may need a passport to get to the sea, we may need to change currencies before we can buy a beer at the beach and Barcelona Football Club will no longer be able to play Madrid unless it is an international match!

Seriously, what is it these days with this push for separatism, and I don’t mean just in Catalonia? Without travelling very far indeed we have seen or are seeing similar tendencies in the Basque Country in Spain, and Scotland and Wales in Great Britain. Statistically therefore Catalonia would appear to be far from an isolated occurrence……..


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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Tomato Ketchup

16 Ketchup in jars

Ode to a Bacon Butty by Lincoln Betteridge……

I didn’t post an article last week as I was in England, my Mother who lives there was celebrating a significant birthday milestone. It was good to go back home and meet the family again and celebrate a special day. It was also good to be back home to sample good wholesome British cooking. I knew I could count on my Mother for that, and she did not disappoint. Throughout my stay she ensured that my gullet was never under-worked! She knows what I like, and top of my list is a good bacon butty, or Dagwood as my Father used to call them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Dagwood Bumstead was a cartoon character famous for his large sandwiches. I think my Father picked up the phrase when he was in the Navy:

99 Dagwood Bumstead

The humble bacon butty, one of Britain’s most significant contributions to world cuisine. Simple to make yet difficult to get just right….. unless you are my Mother who gets them perfect every time. There are just four main ingredients, bread, butter, bacon and ketchup, so let’s take them one by one……….

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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge