Rancid Meatballs

33 Rancide meatballs

This recipe is one of my wife’s specialities, and in spite of its name, is in fact delicious. Her paternal ancestors come from Sallent de Gállego in the Pyrenees, and this wine and dish are typical from there. Luckily the wine itself is available in other parts of Spain, for example the one I used here comes from Almonacid de la Sierra near Zaragoza. It comes from a bodega I mentioned recently in a previous article, and can be accessed via this link.

Whenever I use a hard-to-get ingredient I invariable include a link to where it can be found on Amazon. On this occasion however I could not find any on their international website. For those of you who live outside of Spain I would therefore recommend you substitute this rancid wine with a strong dry sherry.

When it comes to serving these meatballs, we opted for spaghetti just like Jack Lemmon in the film “The Apartment”.  Whenever I think of spaghetti and meatballs I think of Jack Lemmon draining the water from the pasta with a tennis racket!

01 Jack Lemon

Archive Photograph

I like the film, it is in fact one of my favourites and is also highly rated by many critics and film producers. José Luis Borau, who was a famous Spanish film director and also the president of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture, considered it one of the greatest films of all time……………

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge


Empanadillas de Crema (Custard Filled Mini-Pasties)

22 Empanadillas de Crema

Today’s recipe, and indeed the one I published last week, don’t include precise quantities for all of the ingredients. As an engineer, and someone who loves precision in all things, I sometimes find this hard to handle. Phrases like “Add just enough flour to ensure that the dough is no longer sticky” can give me the heebie-jeebies. Quantities are but one use of numbers, and there are many more.

For me the best, and indeed worst thing about numbers, is their precision. Numbers are black and white…..

I was out cycling over the weekend on a circuit I know well. I wanted to complete the route in under 2 hours, something I had never been able to do before. I did it in 2 hours and 35 seconds. Some might think I had done enough to achieve my goal, but for a man of precision like me, even 1 second over is still 1 second too many.

99 Prime Numbers

Numbers of course exist so that we can count things……

The junior school I went to was big on mathematics. I put much of my own mathematical agility down to a game we often played. Each child was given a random card with an arithmetical calculation on one side and a number on the other. One of us would start by reading out the calculation on our card, the person who had the number that matched the answer would call it out then read their card’s calculation. So it went until every child had read out their card. The teacher timed us to see if we improved over time. Simple but effective.


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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Papas Arrugadas (Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes)

15 Papas Arrugadas

In my articles I tend to talk about the recipe I am presenting, or at least something associated with that recipe. That is not the case today.

Today I am moved to put pen to paper to write about one of the scourges of Spanish society, driving under the influence of drink or (other) drugs. I heard on the television news, just a couple of days ago, that for the umpteenth time some cyclists had been killed on Spanish roads.

This time a trio, mother, father and son were hit by a motor car. The road was as straight as a die, the visibility was good, but the driver was five times over the legal limit. The result, the  parents were killed and the orphaned son is currently in hospital recovering from his injuries.

I obviously blame these drunk drivers for their extreme negligence, temerity and complete disregard for other road users. A car in the hand of a drunken driver is as much a weapon as a gun or a knife and should be treated as such in law.

I therefore also blame the “powers that be”, for not changing the law to increase the very lenient sentences currently in place. At best a firmer sentence will dissuade others from taking to the wheel when under the influence. At worst the offenders would be off the road, in gaol for a long time and therefore unable to destroy other lives and families.    

01 Papas 01

I also blame the legal system for not taking lesser traffic infractions more seriously, in this case a stitch in time could end up saving lives……..


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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge