Papas Arrugadas (Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes)

15 Papas Arrugadas

In my articles I tend to talk about the recipe I am presenting, or at least something associated with that recipe. That is not the case today.

Today I am moved to put pen to paper to write about one of the scourges of Spanish society, driving under the influence of drink or (other) drugs. I heard on the television news, just a couple of days ago, that for the umpteenth time some cyclists had been killed on Spanish roads.

This time a trio, mother, father and son were hit by a motor car. The road was as straight as a die, the visibility was good, but the driver was five times over the legal limit. The result, the  parents were killed and the orphaned son is currently in hospital recovering from his injuries.

I obviously blame these drunk drivers for their extreme negligence, temerity and complete disregard for other road users. A car in the hand of a drunken driver is as much a weapon as a gun or a knife and should be treated as such in law.

I therefore also blame the “powers that be”, for not changing the law to increase the very lenient sentences currently in place. At best a firmer sentence will dissuade others from taking to the wheel when under the influence. At worst the offenders would be off the road, in gaol for a long time and therefore unable to destroy other lives and families.    

01 Papas 01

I also blame the legal system for not taking lesser traffic infractions more seriously, in this case a stitch in time could end up saving lives……..


To read the rest of the article and to see the recipe please click here.


2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge


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