Ana’s Pasta Salad

04 Finished pasta

Ana’s Pasta

Today’s dish is a savoury one that is perfect for hot summer days. It is one of our simpler salads and therefore very easy to make……I have many recipes I would like to share with you, so how do I chose which ones to write about? The answer is quite simple, you get what I eat! I had some friends round and we had this salad. We also had one of my favourite puddings, but you are all going to have to wait a little for that one……..

As I was saying, I had some friends round. They are also ex-work colleagues. We all worked together in the same company. We now all sit together with a glass or two of wine talking about the “good old times”, the times before the world went so haywire and the company we worked for felt they no longer required our services……..…

How is it that in companies today actual people-care is often inversely proportional to the number of times those companies actually talk about or even promise it? When did the “buck” become the sole motivation?

I was fortunate(?) to learn the way of the world early on. I studied mechanical and production engineering at what is now the University of Central Lancashire. Once a week we had an hour or so when a lecturer came in and tried to make us think! He was both a brave and persistent man. Anyway, one day he asked a series of questions…… What does Sony make? What does Ford make? What does British Aerospace make? etc. We of course replied with answers such as Walkmans, cars or planes. He said we were all wrong and that these companies, like all companies, actually were there to make money!

This is no doubt true, but at least in the early days I felt that most employers did value their employees and they did not just treat them as any other resource that is used up and thrown away…….

Of course it is starting to backfire already….. staff today are less likely to put in that extra effort unless they can see an immediate benefit for themselves. People that once would correctly assume that the extra effort would be remembered and repaid somewhere down the line, now ask up-front what is in it for them.

I also worry about the movement of the lower level, or even medium level, functions offshore. This is often sold to staff as an advantage as they can now concentrate on the higher level functions. Short term this might even be true…… but to be an expert one has to start at the bottom and work one’s way up. One has to make mistakes and learn. Where will the experts of tomorrow come from if the basic tasks are now offshore?

One example and I will shut up…… myself and others were asked to design a portable crane for rescue workers at a particular remote moorland cave complex in Lancashire. After submission of the designs the reviewer asked me why my design was so complex and didn’t rely on stones to provide the counter balance for the crane like everyone else had. When I replied that I had visited the site and that there were no stones anywhere near the cave complex, it became clear that neither my colleagues nor the reviewer had actually visited the site.

My colleagues all learnt a valuable lesson that day, as I learnt valuable lessons on other days. You make mistakes, you learn.

Well back to the recipe for this week. We had a good afternoon together, chewing the cud and fixing all the world many ills. I would also like to think we had some good food too. So here finally is the first dish from that day, I hope you like it. It is one of my wife’s recipes so I have named it after her:

Ana’s Pasta Salad

Serves 3-4 people


150g Pasta spirals

2 Tomatoes

6 Prawn sticks

½ Salad onion

30g Anchovies from a tin

40g Stoned olives

60g Tuna from a tin


Olive oil



Cook the pasta and drain well.

01 The pasta

The Cooked Pasta

Chop all other ingredients and mix together with a little salt, olive oil and vinegar.

02 The other ingredients

The Chopped Ingredients

For a more intense flavour add in some of the oil from the anchovies.

I just wanted to thank all the readers of this blog. Between you, you have pushed the articles read counter  to just over 2,000! There are probably famous pop stars or sportsmen that get that many hits a minute. As for humble me, as I sit here in front of my computer, it feels like a great achievement. So thank you all again for taking the interest in what I write. 


tsp – Teaspoon – 5ml

tbsp – Tablespoon – 15ml

2016 Lincoln W. Betteridge


4 thoughts on “Ana’s Pasta Salad

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  2. Knowing Ana’s recipe of Paella was a sensation I am convinced this salad will be the highlight on the table. We will try this salad for the next birthday in July….


  3. Hello Ursula, I am glad you liked the paella and can only hope you like the Pasta Salad as much. We like it and that is why we served it to friends. You will have to let me know how it turns out. Thanks for spending the time to enter a comment.

    Best regards,


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