Buns and Cakes


15 Apricot and Ginger Rock Cakes Apricot and Ginger Rock Cakes

07 Finished cake, cut Bizcocho de Almendras / Almond Cake

24 Candied Ginger Brack Candied Ginger Brack

P1040379 Cinnamon Crumble Cake

02-coca-from-el-sequer Coca en Llanda (Valencian Walnut Cake)

06 The Finished Cake Slices 02 Grandma’s Sponge Parkin

5 - The Finished Cake Fig (or Date) and Walnut Loaf

P1050466 Käsekuchen mit Preiselbeerkonfitüre (Red Currant Cheesecake)

20 Madeira Cake Madeira Cake

28 Maids of Honour Maids of Honour Tarts

17 Marmalade Fruit Loaf Marmalade Fruit Loaf

33 mixed berry ginger muffins Mixed Berry Ginger Muffins

48 Orange and Poppy Seed Cake Orange and Poppy Seed Cake

33 Orange Butterfly Buns Orange Butterfly Buns

14-cooked-buns-on-fancy-plate-close-up Sultana and Ginger Buns

19-piece-of-cake Tarta de Santiago / St. James’ Almond Cake

14-cakes-with-piece-cut-showing-2 Teisen Ann Dafis / Welsh Fruit Cake

P1040557 Triple Chocolate Muffins

08 Finished buns White Chocolate and Wild Strawberry Muffins

22 White chocolate dulce de leche cheesecake White Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

P1040745 Wycoller Cake