Stifado στιφάδο


It is early October, yet here I am, sat under a hot sun with the temperature somewhere in the high 20’s! I know I live in Spain, but I do live halfway up a mountain in the interior, the temperature should certainly not be so high. Additionally it hasn’t rained for about 4 months…..again, pretty much unheard of here. Even the drought resistant trees are suffering, if not dying. The grape and almond crops are much reduced, and unless it rains soon the olive crop will also be poor. It is really sad to see these normally green hills so brown, dusty and dry……. Is it Global Warming? I don’t know, but can we really take the risk and continue to destroy our planet? We only have the one after all.

The local plants and animals can’t escape the drought, but I can. I am off to the north of England in a couple of days. Who knows, it might even feel good to have to wear a jumper again or indeed a raincoat to keep off the incessant rain of the north of England?

I will be staying at my Mother’s, who of course will be spoiling me rotten. She will already have the cupboards filled with all my favourite foods together with a plan of all the places she would like to take me…… and a list of all the jobs that need doing! I actually don’t mind at all, I enjoy fixing things. One of the ways I like to thank her is by taking her out to a restaurant. Last year I took her to the “Greek Flame Taverna” in Lytham-St.-Annes.

The food was good, really good in fact, and plentiful! Great staff and great service, all in all a great meal. I personally had their “Stifado” which was fantastic, so much so in fact that I felt inspired to make my own. This week’s recipe is my version of their Stifado.

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