Salmon and Chard Quiche

11 Cooked quiche

I wanted to get this one out before the last of the chard and other winter vegetables disappeared, to be replaced by summer ones. Although I make the quiche with chard, it can also be made using spinach. Over here we have two very distinct growing periods, as it is warm enough to have quite abundant winter and summer crops. It is a little different to many parts of Britain and certainly to where I was brung up.

Last week I mentioned, albeit briefly, that my local Spanish friends think I and indeed the British are a bit eccentric and often comment that we do everything the opposite to them. This is almost certainly inspired by the fact the the British drive on the “wrong” side of the road. Over the years I have come to realise that it is much more than that, in fact the British do many things the opposite way to what Spanish people do (a case of versa vice perhaps?).

Firstly Britain is not alone in driving on the left, there are more than 70 other countries that do likewise. Secondly and strangely considering that Spain is a Catholic Country, driving on the left was a Popish edict of 1300. They have obviously chosen to ignore the Pope on that one!

Not to take up too many pages on driving…………

99 Cyclists

……….And so back to the quiche, and something both Spanish and Brits seem to be able to agree on. The word is written the same in both English and Spanish and, according to the dictionary at least, the pronunciation should be the same too! This one tastes great and I hope you like it……..

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2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge


I Need a Pick-Me-Up after Cycling for Hours…..

05 finished drink close up

I have a new smoothie recipe that I thought I would share with you this week. It is one that I tend to make after a long training session. The weather here is getting better and better and I spend more and more of my time in the hills, either running or cycling. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of Spain. It is one of the dryer parts, but as I live half way up a mountain the countryside is in fact fairly green.

I have been playing with this recipe for a while, but I never really named it. It was simply the smoothie I associated with sports, particularly cycling. When I finally decided to write down the recipe I couldn’t think of a good name for it….. so in true “Waitress” style (the film from 2007 that is!), I decided to call it “I Need a Pick-Me-Up after Cycling for Hours”!

Whilst on the subject, a great pie from the same film is “I Can’t Have No Affair Because It’s Wrong & I Don’t Want Earl to Kill Me Pie”. If you want to try it there are several sites out there that list this and the other recipes from the film.

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Triple Chocolate Muffins


OK, I admit it, I am a chocoholic! My son is similarly afflicted poor lad, I guess it must be hereditary! Unfortunately as he lives several hundred kilometres away I have lost an excuse to indulge my cravings for chocolate. He has been studying hard lately for some work related exams so he hasn’t had an opportunity to visit us either.

To satisfy my cravings I have been working on these muffins. The perfection of this recipe has been a long process of trial and error, not only for myself, but also for my wife and the neighbours. They have acquiesced to eating multiple muffins, at great risk to their waistlines, whilst I slaved away in a hot kitchen. I finally have something worth sharing and I hope you enjoy these muffins. As my son hasn’t tried them yet it might also entice him to pay us a visit!

So why muffins?

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£250 Chocolate Chip Cookies


I am not keen on the use of superlatives. For one they are generally overused, and secondly where does one go from there? Once I have used the superlative, say “best ever” cake, I would be stuck if I ever found a better one! In spite of the possible aforementioned predicament and after cooking biscuits for many years, I have to break my own rules and label these as “best ever”! I guess I could always use Newspeak, what with “goodest” then “plusgoodest” or “doubleplusgoodest”, triple, quadruple……

Before I get into the story, an apology and a thank you to my Mother. She sent me this recipe back in October 2010, so sorry for taking so long to try it out and thanks for sending me such a fantastic recipe in the first place…………………..

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Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie


Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Yes, I have to admit to owning one of these fancy blenders that chop just about everything up and produce smoothies. I know, that makes two kitchen appliances with the bread maker I admitted to in an earlier article….. but nobody is perfect right? I guess it’s not that big a sin anyway as it was a present from the family. In a few short months I have gone from never having heard of one before, to probably finding it difficult to live without one now. I would guess however that the way I use it is not how many people do……..

The website of one of the more popular blenders claims it is part of a “health revolution that has transformed millions of lives” or that one ought to drink a smoothie a day to “feel the tremendous effects that real, unprocessed, nutrition-extracted whole food can have on your health and well-being”. But do we really need one if we are eating fruit and vegetables as part of our daily diet? Do we really have to hide vegetables in a drink to make them palatable? Are we like babies that can only ingest food if it comes as a purée?


As with most if not all of my recipes the ingredients in this recipe are everyday ones. I have looked on the internet for good smoothie recipes and I have found a few, but many have so many strange ingredients, protein powders and artificial additives that I immediately discarded them. It also made me wonder, indeed worry, that people might use these machines as a major part of their diet rather than a supplement. These machines are not an alternative to a balanced and varied diet.

So this recipe is probably the antithesis of a “standard” smoothie as it has no health claims attached, but at least it is delicious.

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No-Knead Bread

7 Bread sliced

The Finished Loaf

I know that bread makers are relatively common these days. I also know that to actually knead dough by hand is not that big a deal, but for those of you who want to try something a little bit different, I have an excellent no-knead bread recipe for you this week.

So no-knead is good news for those of us who want to make bread with little or no effort, but as this dough requires a long, and I mean LONG, resting period the flavour with this one really is something special. It has a delicious tangy, nutty sort of flavour, most unlike any other breads I have ever made. It really is delicious and I would encourage you to give it a go!

As you will see from the recipe below, after mixing the ingredients the dough is left for 5 days. This is how it acquires all that flavour. It does mean therefore that you have to plan ahead. This isn’t a bread you can make on the spur of the moment. So without further ado let’s get into the recipe:

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Sausage and Chard Quiche

Before I start just let me say that this quiche works perfectly well with spinach, I just make it with swiss chard because I always have plenty growing in the garden at this time of year. I cook chard in many ways, often opting for a simple recipe that just has the chard, some potatoes and onions. Today though I am going for a slightly more complex one, because this dish can be frozen.


The Cooked Quiche

As you have probably gathered by now I am pretty much guided by the seasons. Within the next couple of weeks I will be planting tomatoes, and they will be going right where the chard is currently. I therefore need to find ways of storing what is left of this year’s chard crop.

On some occasions I cook to freeze, but more often than not I just make more than I need and freeze the surplus. The following recipe makes a large quiche, you may want to cut the quantities down somewhat or, like me, freeze the surplus. Making an extra helping or two normally entails little extra preparation or cooking time and therefore little extra energy…………


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