Gravlax (Marinated Salmon)


Marinated Salmon

I used to be a “road warrior”, one of those people who spends more time on a plane than on the ground. Someone who is often away from home and working in foreign lands. I worked in an international company for the last twenty-five years and enjoyed most of it. That period is now at an end and I am enjoying this period of non-travel. A good friend, who has never really travelled, once marvelled at how I could cope waking up in so many different beds, waking up and having to wonder just where I was!

Of course one hotel is very much like another. All airports are pretty much the same and all planes are small, cramped and noisy. The one really big positive from all this travel is being able to see so many different cultures and meet some really interesting people. It is the only aspect I miss, now that I am no longer a regular traveller.

The last few days have had me reflecting on my time working in Sweden. It is the dill weed (Anethum graveolens)season here in Spain and one of my favourite Swedish recipes uses dill……

Although I have visited Sweden often for short trips,  I also spent two extended periods in the country. The first was whilst working with Saab Automobile in Trollhättan and the second with SKF (Svenska Kullagerfabriken AB) in Göteborg. They say that “money makes the world go around” but after working with SKF I can tell you it is not money but ball bearings!

Trollhattan Church


I met some great people and had some great food. I was in Trollhättan in winter and can still remember the ice breaker ships going up the canal behind the Swania hotel where I stayed. People from Saab even lent me a bicycle so I could get out and sea a little of the town and surroundings, snow and all.

2003 07 Göteborg Långedrag Marina


I was lucky enough to be in Göteborg in summer. Sweden and, dare I say the people, are completely different in summer. With warm, very long days the whole place comes alive with almost a party atmosphere. I used to catch the tram out to Långedrag and wander around the islands before having an excellent meal in the marina. I highly recommend it if you are ever out that way.

So, on to this week’s recipe, one that I was given whilst out in Trollhättan, gravlax. This is marinated salmon in which the principle flavouring is dill weed. I tend to make the recipe at this time of year as the dill is just starting to grow in the hedgerows here and I can get plenty of the fresh new leaves………….

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