Hello readers!

Who am I?

Well basically a mechanical and production engineer who moved into IT and whose  work has sent him around the world for the last twenty-five years. Apart from frequent flyer points it has given me a fairly unique insight into many cultures and their cuisine.

What does this blog contain?

Traditional recipes from around the world that use basic ingredients.


  • You won’t have to go on a shopping expedition to find strange ingredients.
  • No pre-prepared produce, you will always know what you are eating.
  • No out of season combinations, E.g. apple and strawberry tart where one of the two fruits would have to be flown in at a cost to you and the planet.
  • and if all the above is not enough, these recipes tend to be cheaper too!


So am I on a crusade to not eat strawberries at Christmas? Not really. But my intent is to provide information and alternatives so that you can take an educated decision about what you eat and when.