Fritada “Aires de Aragón”


We were fortunate enough to be able to build our own house. Well, to be precise, although I installed many of the fixtures and fittings, it was down to the builder to actually build the house! Prior to that of course we contracted the services of a very good architect.

If I have one recommendation for those of you building your own house, it is to listen to your architect. I am an engineer and as such I was more than able to draw just what we wanted for our new house. I was once told that “diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way”……. Our architect managed to disregard all my drawings without me even realising it (and a good job he did too!). The result is a house that fulfils all we asked for, yet is more functional than we could ever have imagined, whilst still fitting harmoniously in with the neighbouring buildings. He really did a fantastic job.  The final house was nothing like we envisaged….. thank goodness!

If you would excuse me for a moment, I do think he deserves a special mention. So if you live in Aragón and want a good architect let me suggest you try:

Gabriel Oliván Bascones

As I mentioned at the start of this article, I did in fact install many of the fixtures and fittings. This meant that the house took some time to be actually finished. The structure was complete, but the interior was basically empty. We got into the habit of going to the new house over the weekends and working away room by room. We also took to eating in the “Aires de Aragón” restaurant that is in the village of La Almunia de Doña Godina, between the new and old houses. Today’s recipe is my version of one of the dishes we most enjoyed there.

So why publish the recipe now? As usual the seasons dictate my recipe choices. This one has five main ingredients, courgettes, green peppers, onion, garlic and potatoes. With the exception of the potatoes, not only do I grow all the other vegetable but now is the time when I am harvesting them.

Although today’s recipe can be eaten as a vegetarian dish, the restaurant and we both sprinkle a little soused tuna on top. We find the sharpness of the vinegar from the sousing of the tuna livens the dish up.

As I say I am harvesting the vegetables at the moment. If truth be known I actually have a glut of courgettes and peppers. Because of this, as you will see from the pictures, I tend to make this recipe in bulk over an open fire then freeze the surplus for later in the year.

Fritada Aires de Aragón

Serves 3 people


3 Medium potatoes

1 Courgette

1 Green pepper

1 Onion

2 Garlic cloves

100g Soused tuna


Medium slice the potatoes and then peel and medium slice the courgette.

Slice the pepper and the onion in julienne. Slice the garlic.

Fry the potatoes until they are half done.


Add in the other vegetables, courgette, pepper, onion then garlic, frying for 3 to 4 minutes between each addition.




This is a simple recipe, the only complication is having all the vegetables ready at the same time. Depending upon how thinly you slice the vegetables and the temperature of the oil, you may have to adjust the timings.


Place a serving on each plate then add a little tuna to complete.


As always please fee free to drop me a comment or ask any doubts you might have with the recipe itself.


tsp – Teaspoon – 5ml

tbsp – Tablespoon – 15ml

2016 Lincoln W. Betteridge


3 thoughts on “Fritada “Aires de Aragón”

  1. Como me gusta este plato tan aragonés! Suelo hacerlo mucho pero por mi falta de tiempo lo hago normalmente en la olla, también sale muy rica.
    Como ya sabes siempre sigo tu blog y tus ricas recetas.Enhorabuena.


    • Hola Pilar,

      Gracias por tu interés y tus comentarios. Lo bueno de mi fritada son las verduras que viajan unos 20 metros, desde la huerta hasta la sartén. Debemos juntarnos algún día pronto y hacer una comida basada en la huerta……..


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