I Need a Pick-Me-Up after Cycling for Hours…..

05 finished drink close up

I have a new smoothie recipe that I thought I would share with you this week. It is one that I tend to make after a long training session. The weather here is getting better and better and I spend more and more of my time in the hills, either running or cycling. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of Spain. It is one of the dryer parts, but as I live half way up a mountain the countryside is in fact fairly green.

I have been playing with this recipe for a while, but I never really named it. It was simply the smoothie I associated with sports, particularly cycling. When I finally decided to write down the recipe I couldn’t think of a good name for it….. so in true “Waitress” style (the film from 2007 that is!), I decided to call it “I Need a Pick-Me-Up after Cycling for Hours”!

Whilst on the subject, a great pie from the same film is “I Can’t Have No Affair Because It’s Wrong & I Don’t Want Earl to Kill Me Pie”. If you want to try it there are several sites out there that list this and the other recipes from the film.

The other reason I chose this recipe is because I an mow picking gooseberries, one of the main ingredients of the smoothie. I collect as many berries as possible. I am currently also collecting raspberries and black, red and white currants from my own bushes as well as mulberries from local trees. It never ceases to amaze me just how few people I see out picking wild berries. Taking advantage of what nature has to offer used to be common practice. I am surprised that not even the Crisis and high unemployment has persuaded people to head into the hills!

Each type of berry is only naturally available for a few short weeks a year. The good news is just how easy they are to freeze. I just wash them then leave them to drain well. I put them onto metal trays, just one layer deep, and pop them in the freezer. Once they are frozen I tip them into plastic bags and store. Freezing on trays then bagging ensures that the berries are loose in the bags and I can just grab a handful whenever I need some.

The berries can be used in many ways. Most recipes allow you to substitute frozen for fresh. Even when I am baking I often just use frozen berries directly from the freezer. 

This recipe uses blackberries, but if you have none then you could try using mulberries instead. They are in season now, at least here, and in many ways they are similar to blackberries.

As usual this recipe uses natural, readily available ingredients. It was designed to be delicious and to pick me up after a strenuous exercise session. You can of course swap out “real” milk for some sort of vegetable “milk”.

(Interestingly my Collins Contemporary Dictionary states that milk is “A white fluid secreted by female mammals for nourishment of their young…..”. It seems like in many circles drinking milk is almost frowned upon, perhaps it has lost its nourishing properties??)

As with all we ingest, it is all about balance. I can’t help thinking that in the search for “healthy” food, many of the recipes currently out there are far from balanced……

Anyway, back to the recipe. As will most smoothies it really is as simple as popping the ingredients in a blender and hitting the button:

I Need a Pick-Me-Up after Cycling for Hours…..

Serves 2 people


75g Blackberries

75g Gooseberries

50g Cream cheese

275g Milk

25g Sugar

2 cm3 Ginger

02 Fruit close up


OK, so I’m an engineer……. I guess 2 cm3 is about half a teaspoon of ginger. It all depends of course on the quality of your ginger and how much you like ginger. To ensure it is blended well, thinly slice and put into the blender with all the other ingredients.

03 in blender

All the fruit I use is frozen and I blend straight from the freezer. If you are using fresh fruit you may want to add an ice cube or two to chill the drink down.

06 finished drink on rug

If you have any interesting smoothie recipes or want to comment on this one please drop me a line via the comments section of the blog.


tsp – Teaspoon – 5ml

tbsp – Tablespoon – 15ml

2016 Lincoln W. Betteridge


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