Index of Meat Dishes:

08 Finished pastry cut open Bajan Patties

23 Chicken Korma Chicken Korma

P1040006 Chicken with Pancetta and Lentils

10-finished-dish-on-a-plate Coney Rice

28 Coney (or Chicken) and Bacon Pie  Coney (or Chicken) and Bacon Pie

13 Coney in Confit Coney (or Chicken) in Confit

5 - Arroz Cremoso Creamy Rice with Confit Duck and Truffles

22 Cut open on a plate Grandma’s Minced Meat Pies

29 Hindustan Rabo de Buey, Oxtail Hindustani Ox Tail

12 Broad beans on a plate Israeli Meatballs with Broad Beans

05-finished-dish Liebre con Alubias (Beans with Wild Hare)

28 Lincoln's Lancashire hotpot Lincoln’s Lancashire Hotpot

Migas finished 2 Migas (Spanish dish from Breadcrumbs)

10-finished-dish-on-plate-4-cleaned Olla Tensina / Tena Valley Stew

20 Finished dish Ossobuco Chilli

10 Finished dish Pollo al Chilindrón / Chicken in Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce

14 Finished dish Pollo en Pepitoria / Tarazona Chicken

06 Finished cheeks 4 - Close-up Pork Cheeks / Carrilleras de Cerdo

P1030477 Soused Coney (or Chicken, Quail, Tuna….)

P1020788 Spanish Rancho (Traditional Stew)

06-finished-stifado-up-close Stifado στιφάδο (Greek Beef Stew)

99 Peppers, blog image Stuffed Bell Peppers