Polvito Uruguayo (Caramel, Cream, Meringue Delight thingy!)

26 Finished pudding

The pudding this week is simply delicious. It has got to be one of the easiest puddings to make and it looks great. You won’t see me using much hyperbole on this blog, but today is an exception. Trust me….. you have to try this one!

I was recently in (San Cristóbal de) La Laguna in Tenerife with most of the family.

2017 07 28 San Cristobal de La Laguna

La Laguna

We had just come out from visiting the church “Iglesia de la Concepción”, we were hungry and it was raining lightly.

2017 07 38 Iglesia de la Concepción -San Cristobal de La Laguna - Iglesia de la Concepción

Iglesia de la Concepción

We made a dash for the first restaurant just across the square.

We had and would visit some fine restaurants during our stay on the island, but this one stood out from all the others. Exquisite food, great staff and very reasonably priced. Over the coming months I plan on publishing three recipes from our time in Tenerife, two of which come from this restaurant. So if you are out that way then let me recommend to you the “Tasca-Mesón Guerea

The name of the pudding might lead to some mirth from my Spanish-speaking readers and, due to the double entendre in the title,  I feel completely incapable of translating it into something English and repeatable! If however you serve it at your next candlelight supper, just feign innocence and introduce it in Spanish. It does of course purport to being from Uruguay, although I can neither confirm nor deny it as to be honest I haven’t checked. This pudding is so good I am willing to overlook its origins.

02 Picture from restaurant - close-up

As Served in the Restaurant

I never asked the restaurant for the recipe, I never normally do. This then is my version of what we had, tweaked a little. Not that there was actually anything wrong with the original I might add! I used chocolate chip biscuits just because my son was visiting and he loves chocolate. I used almond meringues, firstly because they are delicious and secondly because they are made locally. For those of you living near here the shop is Pastelerias Manuel Segura and can be found in Daroca, Cariñena and Zaragoza.


So here is the recipe, trust me and give it a go:

Polvito Uruguayo  

Serves: 3-4 people (Depends if my son is with us or not!)


3 Biscuits

1 tin Condensed milk

200ml Cream

Dry meringue(s)



You will only use a small part of the tin of condensed milk so just buy the smallest tin possible!

To make the caramel / dulce de leche:

Put the tin of condensed milk into a pressure cooker and just cover with water.

05 Condensed milk in pressure cooker

Close the pan and set on high pressure (about 15lb’s). Once the pressure has been reached, cook for about 40 minutes. Leave to cool in the pan and open when the pressure has equalised.

08 Biscuits and meringues

Roughly break up the biscuits and put into the bottom of individual serving glasses.

09 Biscuits in glasses

Take 1 tablespoon of caramel per glass.

11 Caramel in tin

Mix with a little cold milk if the caramel is too thick.

12 Starting to mix caramel with milk

It should be just liquid enough to pour into the glass on top of the broken biscuits.

14 Caramel in glasses

Pop the puddings in the fridge to keep chilled.

Beat the cream until thick and stiff.

18 Whipping cream

Put a third into each glass.

21 Cream in glasses

Just before serving break up the dry meringues and use to decorate the top of each glass.

Serve with long spoons. The cream contains no sugar, to balance off the other ingredients. The idea is to eat a little of each layer at once.


Some of you may have wondered why I published nothing last week. Let me take this opportunity to explain, as well as to praise my editor……

You see I wasn’t on holiday last week, but my editor was. My blog would be much diminished without my editor, as editors are the often unsung heroes of many a literary piece. I preferred to skip a posting rather than send an article out that wasn’t as good as I, or more importantly she, could make it.


Suggested Links:

My suggestion this week is for my tomato “pasta” sauce. Each year as the tomato glut hits I fill dozens and dozens of jars with my tomato sauce. I cram over 3Kg of homegrown tomatoes as well as onions, garlic, peppers and herbs into each batch of 6 or 7 jars. They are packed full of flavour, last all year and are perfect for mixing with pasta and many other dishes:

Tomato Pasta Sauce



tsp – Teaspoon – 5ml

tbsp – Tablespoon – 15ml


Imperial to Metric Measurement:

1 oz – 28g

1 lb – 16 oz – 454g

1 gill – ¼ pint – 142ml

1 inch – 25mm


Common Flour Types:

Cake Flour

Gluten: 8% to 10%

Type: ES 70W


All-Purpose Flour / Plain Flour

Gluten: 8% to 11%

Type: DE 550 / FR 55 / IT 0 / ES 200W


Bread Flour / Strong Flour / Hard Flour

Gluten: 12% to 14% protein (gluten)

Type: DE 812 / FR 80 / IT 1 / ES 400W


2017 Lincoln W. Betteridge


3 thoughts on “Polvito Uruguayo (Caramel, Cream, Meringue Delight thingy!)

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  2. Perfect, I had a similar sweet surprise there, and I only can recommend the local Restaurants on tenerife, , this one is a good choice


  3. Hello Ursula,

    Yes, there are some very good restaurants in Tenerife. They serve a great variety of dishes, but being an island there is a great abundance of fish. I hope to be doing an octopus dish from the same restaurant….. but only if I can get it right!


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