P1040613 £250 Chocolate Chip Cookies

00 Cardamom and White Chocolate Biscuits Cardamom and White Chocolate Biscuits

14 Baked biscuits Chocolate Ginger Biscuits

18-log-sliced-3 Chocolate Spread Biscuit Plait

30 Dulce de Leche Custard Tart Dulce de Leche Custard Tart

15 On cooling rack-close up Farmhouse Whirls

7 - Finished bars 2 Ginger Crunch

18 Baked Mantecados / Almond Biscuits

4 - Finished Palets Palets Bretons

7 Ready to eat Shortbread

18 Shrewsbury biscuits Shrewsburry Biscuits

13 Sweet Cheesy Blackcurrant Biscuits Sweet Cheesy Blackcurrant Biscuits

3 - Ready to Serve Vanillekipferl (German Christmas Biscuits)


Buns and Cakes:

15 Apricot and Ginger Rock Cakes Apricot and Ginger Rock Cakes

07 Finished cake, cut Bizcocho de Almendras / Almond Cake

24 Candied Ginger Brack Candied Ginger Brack

P1040379 Cinnamon Crumble Cake

02-coca-from-el-sequer Coca en Llanda (Valencian Walnut Cake)

06 The Finished Cake Slices 02 Grandma’s Sponge Parkin

5 - The Finished Cake Fig (or Date) and Walnut Loaf

P1050466 Käsekuchen mit Preiselbeerkonfitüre (Red Currant Cheesecake)

28 Maids of Honour Maids of Honour Tarts

33 Orange Butterfly Buns Orange Butterfly Buns

14-cooked-buns-on-fancy-plate-close-up Sultana and Ginger Buns

19-piece-of-cake Tarta de Santiago / St. James’ Almond Cake

14-cakes-with-piece-cut-showing-2 Teisen Ann Dafis / Welsh Fruit Cake

P1040557 Triple Chocolate Muffins

08 Finished buns White Chocolate and Wild Strawberry Muffins

22 White chocolate dulce de leche cheesecake White Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

P1040745 Wycoller Cake


Bowl of Custard Custard


Tarts and Pies:

30 Dulce de Leche Custard Tart Dulce de Leche Custard Tart

Gateaux Basque Gâteau Basque

22 Empanadillas de Crema Empanadillas de Crema (Custard Filled Mini-Pasties)

4 Finished tart 1 Lemon Bakewell Tart

05 Lemon Tart - Uncut Lemon Tart

16-finished-tart-cut-and-from-side-2 Manchester Tart

21 Tarta tres chocolates - Whole Tarta Tres Chocolates / Three Chocolates Tart


07-filling-half-covered-with-crumble Apple and Caramel Crumble

16 Bread and Butter Pudding Bread and Butter Pudding

08 Ready to eat Crème Caramel Pots

24 Gooseberry Fool Gooseberry Fool

4 Complete 1 Goxua

22 Le Crême Pignoulet : Crème brûlée La Crème Pignoulet / Crème brûlée

09 Maria Biscuit Pudding Maria Biscuit Puddings / Postre de Galleta Maria

05 Finished with sponge and cinnamon Natillas

26 Finished pudding Polvito Uruguayo (Caramel, Cream, Meringue Delight thingy!)

P1040039 Rice Pudding with White Chocolate and Multer

17 Served in a bowl Tiramisù

10-finished-partial-view-from-side-large Tocino de Cielo

07 Traditional Rice Pudding Traditional Rice Pudding

8 Finished dish Xamingoxo (Basque yoghurt based pudding)



6 - Finished goods Almendras Garrapiñadas (Caramelised Almonds)

P1040237 Cañas (Traditional Spanish Pastry)

7 - Roscon filled 2 Roscón (Custard filled sweet Spanish bread)

19 Scones Scones

10 Ready to eat Torrijas