P1040613 £250 Chocolate Chip Cookies

14 Baked biscuits Chocolate Ginger Biscuits

18-log-sliced-3 Chocolate Spread Biscuit Plait

15 On cooling rack-close up Farmhouse Whirls

7 - Finished bars 2 Ginger Crunch

18 Baked Mantecados / Almond Biscuits

4 - Finished Palets Palets Bretons

7 Ready to eat Shortbread

3 - Ready to Serve Vanillekipferl (German Christmas Biscuits)

Buns and Cakes:

07 Finished cake, cut Bizcocho de Almendras / Almond Cake

P1040379 Cinnamon Crumble Cake

02-coca-from-el-sequer Coca en Llanda (Valencian Walnut Cake)

06 The Finished Cake Slices 02 Grandma’s Sponge Parkin

5 - The Finished Cake Fig (or Date) and Walnut Loaf

P1050466 Käsekuchen mit Preiselbeerkonfitüre (Red Currant Cheesecake)

14-cooked-buns-on-fancy-plate-close-up Sultana and Ginger Buns

19-piece-of-cake Tarta de Santiago / St. James’ Almond Cake

14-cakes-with-piece-cut-showing-2 Teisen Ann Dafis / Welsh Fruit Cake

P1040557 Triple Chocolate Muffins

08 Finished buns White Chocolate and Wild Strawberry Muffins

P1040745 Wycoller Cake


Bowl of Custard Custard

Tarts and Pies:

Gateaux Basque Gâteau Basque

4 Finished tart 1 Lemon Bakewell Tart

05 Lemon Tart - Uncut Lemon Tart

16-finished-tart-cut-and-from-side-2 Manchester Tart

21 Tarta tres chocolates - Whole Tarta Tres Chocolates / Three Chocolates Tart


07-filling-half-covered-with-crumble Apple and Caramel Crumble

08 Ready to eat Crème Caramel Pots

4 Complete 1 Goxua

22 Le Crême Pignoulet : Crème brûlée La Crème Pignoulet / Crème brûlée

 05 Finished with sponge and cinnamon Natillas

26 Finished pudding Polvito Uruguayo (Caramel, Cream, Meringue Delight thingy!)

P1040039 Rice Pudding with White Chocolate and Multer

17 Served in a bowl Tiramisù

10-finished-partial-view-from-side-large Tocino de Cielo

07 Traditional Rice Pudding Traditional Rice Pudding

8 Finished dish Xamingoxo (Basque yoghurt based pudding)


6 - Finished goods Almendras Garrapiñadas (Caramelised Almonds)

P1040237 Cañas (Traditional Spanish Pastry)

7 - Roscon filled 2 Roscón (Custard filled sweet Spanish bread)

10 Ready to eat Torrijas