Index of Starter Dishes:

04 Finished pasta Ana’s Pasta Salad

08 Finished pastry cut open Bajan Patties

08-finished-toastie Black Pudding & Bacon Toasted Sandwich

18 Finished banitsa Cheese and Dried Tomato Banitsa

P1050306 Fritada “Aires de Aragón”

100-finished-empanada Empanada Gallega

15 Eating cheese Fondue

Garbure on the plate - 2 Garbure

09 Served with bread and vegetables Gazpacho

P1040466 Gravlax (Marinated Salmon)

13 Finished Labneh and Dukkah Labneh, Dukkah and Matsoni

14 Pea Soup - Finished Lancastrian Pea Soup

22-cake-on-a-plate Milhojas de Patata, Piquillos y Lacón / Brie, Gammon and Pepper Layered Potato Cake

p1050637 Pan Tomaca (Pa amb tomaquet)

15 Papas Arrugadas Papas Arrugadas (Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes)

31 Patata a la Riojana Patatas a la Riojana

25 Pea, Leek and Cream Cheese Pasty Pea, Leek and Cream Cheese Pasty

06-in-pot-with-toast-started Pork Rilette

P1040275 Revuelto de Morcilla y Ajos Tiernos (Scrambled Eggs with Black Pudding and Spring Garlic)

P1040661 Rice Salad

15-finished-soup-ready-to-serve-close-up Salmorejo

P1030936 Sausage and Chard Quiche

14 Saxe-Coburg Soup Saxe-Coburg Soup

11 Served 03 Stewed Potatoes

14 Ready to eat Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

Amaiur Talos (Corn Tortillas)

05 Tapas Mariano Tapas Mariano

6 - Medium close up tortilla Tortilla de Patata

Soup Wild Mushroom Soup